Maintenance Programs

By coming in for a treatment, I know you have concerns about your digestive system, colon function, and that you want to give your body the best chance to heal itself. 

Having just one colonic is beneficial. Having a series to cleanse built-up waste followed by regular maintenance is optimal. 

It’s like exercise, one walk is good, but going for a regular walk 4 times a week has the most benefits!


To protect your colon and your overall health I use a two-part approach.

1. First Release Your Dragon

The initial series of treatments with a client ranges from 2-10 (sometimes more) spaced close together. We do them within a short timeframe to take advantage of the effects of the water on the plaque. When it’s wet, it loosens from the colon walls more easily. 

These back-to-back sessions make each subsequent session more effective too. Usually during the first session all the old, hard blockages inhibit much fecal release. Clients unfortunately mistake this lack of release by thinking that they must be clean! 

Much to the contraire, a lack of fecal release tells me there is work to be done. With each session, more hardened waste comes out and you’re able to hold more water in your colon. 

Once we have released your dragon (old built-up waste), you can begin a maintenance program to ensure fecal matter doesn’t have the chance to become hard and stuck to your colon wall again. 

2. Maintenance Program Based on Diet

What goes in does not all come out. But with the right maintenance plan we can ensure long-term health. 

The healthier your lifestyle, the less frequent your visits.  Your diet plays an extremely important roll in your health and is the simplest way to choose the right maintenance plan.

Every 3 Months
For those with an extremely clean diet and who have no digestive disorders.

Every 2 Months
For those who eat clean most of the time. Diet includes fruits, vegetables and meats but gluten and dairy free.

Every Month
For everyday Albertans who enjoy a large variety of food purchased at stores and restaurants. They eat relatively healthy, but embrace special occasions and all the goodies that come with it.

Every 2 Weeks or Weekly
For those people suffering from chronic constipation and require laxatives or other supplements.  Regardless of the cause, the important thing is to relieve your system of the toxic burden it is holding.

There is nothing more toxic to your system then a full colon.

There are 4 options for beginning your own maintenance plan to take full advantage of long term colon health. 

1 session – $95
3 sessions – $270.00      Save $15
5 sessions –  $440.00     Save $35
12 sessions – $900.00   Save $240 (New!)

Everyone has different health concerns (constipation, bloating, gas, stomach aches, inflammation, lower back pain, headaches and general fatigue), but we all share the same goal. We want to prevent disease, treat disorders and find lasting relief is a non-toxic way!

Since each client’s situation is unique, if you aren’t sure which option is best for your specific needs, or you’re now ready to say, “Good-bye!” to your dragon, please call Melanie at (780) 906-2316 to book your next appointment.

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