Clients often ask me about probiotics and how to know if they need them. I wanted to answer a few of those questions here.

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What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are strategically formulated to support your body’s natural defense systems by repopulating good bacteria in the digestive tract. By providing the right amount of digestive support, probiotics give the body its best chance for lasting health.

Naturally our digestive systems contain both good and bad bacteria. Bacteria known as intestinal microflora aids in digestion, enhances your immune system and helps synthesize vitamins and nutrients.

The word probiotic originates from Latin and Ancient Greek, which literally means “for life.”

Why Do I Need Probiotics?

Your immune system is a network of intricate cells, tissues and organs that protect against disease.  With up to 70% of the body’s immune system located right in the intestines, it is vital that when harmful bacteria enter the digestive tract the intestines are able to defend the body.

A healthy intestinal tract eliminates toxins, chemicals, waste and the harmful bacteria that can promote disease. It also takes in nutrients and water that the body needs and delivers them to cells.

Unfortunately today’s modern lifestyle contributes to the growth of too much unhealthy microflora. Medications like antibiotics plus a poor diet, alcohol, stress and diseases create the perfect environment for bad bacteria to flourish. The resulting imbalance of microflora is associated with diarrhea, fatigue and chronic infections.

For optimal health, you must maintain balance!  A capsule of probiotics is full of beneficial, live bacteria that give your body the help it needs to get back on track.

When Should I Use Probiotics?

Did you know your intestinal tract contains 100 trillion micro-organisms including 400 different species of bacteria!? Sometimes your body needs a little help maintaining the right balance.

If you’re suffering from digestive problems like diarrhea, gas, cramping, frequent infections or inflammation you could benefit from the right type of probiotics to get your microflora back in balance.

Aside from assisting with digestion, probiotics also:

    1. Form a barrier protecting you from harmful bacteria,
    2. Support the optimal function of intestinal cells,
    3. Prevent harmful bacteria from causing damage,
    4. Inhibit symptoms associated with antibiotic use like gas and diarrhea, and
    5. Protect the immune system by reinforcing the intestinal mucous membrane.

At Healthworks Nutrition Centre, we carry Innate Probiotics for our clients. These are top quality, probiotics that contain nothing artificial or synthetic. If your digestive system is struggling, stop by Healthworks Nutrition Centre and ask us which type is right for you.

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