Colonoscopy Prep


Each treatment is 45 minutes. 

1 Colonic | $125
Package of 2 Colonics | $240
Package of 3 Colonics | $350
Colonic Add-On: Coffee Enema | $20

Abdominal Massage (30 Minutes) | $60

All sessions include a probiotic and chlorophyll implant.  


Colon Hydrotherapy is becoming an alternative method of cleaning out the colon before a colonoscopy. The reason for having a colonoscopy is to examine the walls of the colon, for this to be effective the colon must be totally clean. Traditional methods include changing your diet and drinking harsh chemical laxatives.

The traditional preparation can be so uncomfortable that many people find it extremely difficult to complete.  This results in:

  1. Examines being cancelled prior to the testing.
  2. Patients not showing up for their schedule examine.
  3. The examine can not be completed because the colon was not clean.
  4. Patients never returning to do additional testing due to the discomfort of the preparation.
  5. Often the patient has complied with the strict guidelines of the preparation and is told they were not compliant and the test can not be completed.  This is very humiliating and they leave the facility confused and deflated.

Regardless of the scenario, the patient is unable to get the test results they need.  The condition of their colon remains a mystery with their only alternative is to rebook and try again.

Fortunately, colon hydrotherapy is now being recognized as an alternative way to completely clean out the colon prior to testing.