A Healthier You in 45 Minutes

At Colon Hydro Healing we know your most important asset is your health. A toxic colon always leads to a toxic body. With colon hydrotherapy we can prevent future disease and help treat current digestive disorders. Cleansing your colon is an important first step to achieving superior overall health.

Abdominal Massage
Chi Nei Tsang (pronounced chee-nayt-song) is a specialized abdominal massage. On its own – or prior to colon hydrotherapy – Chi Nei Tsang engages the body’s natural ability to heal itself by awakening the organs. This promotes greater organ strength, faster detoxification, and helps resolve common digestive complaints while the client enjoys a relaxing massage.
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Colon Hydrotherapy
Everywhere we go our bodies carry toxins in our organs, tissues and skin. The colon carries the highest toxic burden of all. Now you can correct years of this dangerous build-up with colon hydrotherapy. Working to eliminate waste, flush toxins and improve the immune system, colon hydrotherapy gives your system the much-needed reboot it’s been waiting for.
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Live Blood Analysis
Your blood tells the story of your body. With just a drop of blood, you can view cellular abnormalities, yeast growths, nutritional deficiencies, and even find allergies. Live Blood Analysis removes the guesswork and gives you a clear picture of how to guard your most precious asset: your health.
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Nutritional Health, Digestive & Natural Supplements
The battle for health is won or lost in the gut. That is why we offer digestive products that are 100% natural containing NO binders, fillers, or additives. We promise a meticulous selection of ingredients and the highest manufacturing standards in every product we sell.  You can literally feel the difference.
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