Coffee Enemas / Liver Cleansing

Each treatment is 45 minutes. 

1 Colonic | $125
Package of 2 Colonics | $240
Package of 3 Colonics | $350
Colonic Add-On: Coffee Enema | $20

Abdominal Massage (30 Minutes) | $60

All sessions include a probiotic and chlorophyll implant.  


Everyone can benefit from having a cleaner liver and colon.  The less toxins your body has to deal with the healthier you are.  Regardless of whether you are healthy or someone who is coping with a chronic degenerative disease or an acute illness the benefits from the lowering blood serum toxin levels are:

  1. increased cell energy production
  2. enhanced tissue health
  3. improved blood circulation
  4. better immunity and tissue repair and
  5. cellular regeneration

Additionally, coffee enemas can help to relieve pain, nausea, general nervous tension and depression.

What Does the Coffee Do?

  • The purpose of the enemas is to remove toxins accumulated in the liver and to remove free radicals from the bloodstream.
  • The coffee travels via the hemorrhoidal vein and the portal system to the liver, opens up the bile ducts and allows the liver to release bile, which contains toxins.
  • The water dilutes the bile thereby increases it's flow and flushes these toxins out of the intestines quickly.
  • The coffee also increases peristalsis which helps to empty the bowel.

How it Works in Your Body

  • The coffee is held in the bowel for 12-15 minutes and during this time the coffee travels up to the liver and opens the bile ducts.  The theobromine, theophylline, and the caffeine in coffee dilate blood vessels and bile ducts, relax smooth muscles, and increase the bile flow. 2.  As your blood filters through your liver, the liver removes the toxins.
  • The coffee increases your livers ability to filter, greatly aiding the liver’s ability to remove serum toxins.
  • Doctors at the University of Minnesota showed that coffee administered rectally stimulates an enzyme system in the liver called glutathione S-transferase by 600%-700% above normal activity levels. This enzyme reacts with free radicals (which cause cell damage) in the bloodstream and makes them inert. These neutralized substances become dissolved in the bile, are released through the bile flow from the liver and gallbladder, and are excreted through the intestinal tract.
  • The coffee enema is held in the colon for 12-15 minutes. During this time, the body’s entire blood supply passes through the liver 4-5 times, carrying poisons picked up from the tissues. So the enema acts as a form of dialysis of the blood across the gut wall.

My Protocol

Depending on your state of health, coffee enemas are most beneficial by regular administration.  Some clients may need them very close together, for example two a week or more,  for those with a chronic condition.  For others who are generally healthy,  I suggest once a week for four weeks.

The treatment is 45 minutes in length with time spent on cleansing the colon initially, then administering the coffee enema and holding it for 12-15 minutes.  The last part of the treatment is cleansing and implanting probiotics.

Home Kit

Coffee enemas were first popularized by Max Gerson, MD, and author of A Cancer Therapy - Results of 50 Cases. There is so much information regarding Dr. Gerson’s work and the people he has helped that it became evident to me that coffee enemas must become part of what I offer my clients.  The health benefits are enormous and cannot be ignored.  If you want to be healthy your liver needs to be clean.

How Does This Work?

The coffee stimulates the liver and opens the bile ducts in it.  This increases the bile flow and removes the toxins that are stored in it into the small intestine and then the colon.  As part of your digestive system, there are veins that are directly connected between your colon and your liver.  As the coffee is absorbed through your colon wall, it is then transported up to your liver via the portal vein.

All of the blood in your body passes through your liver nearly every three minutes!  Amazing in itself! The coffee is held in your colon for up to 15 minutes, allowing the coffee in your blood to pass through your liver 5 times! All of the benefits are too numerous to list.  For more information on how to give yourself a coffee enema, watch the video below.

Kim Hostetter of Almond Blossom Wellness gives you the low down on how to give yourself a coffee enema and remove the "fear" stigma attached to this simple but effective form of detoxing.

One of the first things you may be thinking is... why would I need colon therapy and would it help me?  The clients that come for therapy vary from those who are healthy and use it for preventative measures, to those who have been suffering from digestive issues for years and just can’t find the solution.  Some of my clients are athletes, like body builders who need to eliminate before competitions.  Cyclists, runners and a whole host of fitness conscious individuals who all come knowing that over time, fecal matter accumulates in their colon and this treatment is drug free and effective.  Having a well running digestive system gives them an edge in the sport of their choice.

Then there are those who come because they want to detox and are fasting or cleansing.  These people know that colon hydrotherapy is extremely effective in helping their bodies eliminate toxins very quickly.  The colon is one of the body’s most efficient ways of removing the garbage that accumulates in our systems. As well, some clients are just curious, they heard about colon hydrotherapy at some point in their life and just want to try it out, see what it’s about and see if it will help them.  Although one treatment is seldom enough to feel optimum results, it gives them the experience and perhaps down the road they may decide to do a series of treatments.

Then there are the clients who for many reasons have been battling digestive issues for years and have gone through several medical tests only to be told, “There is nothing wrong” and yet they know something is causing them pain.  When the colon is congested it causes lower back pain, testicular tenderness and often clients complain about a constant pain on the lower left side of their digestive tract. They may have a bulging belly - believe me this is not just fat - it is a stretched out colon with years of old fecal matter built up and crusted to the walls.  As well, chronic constipation, over use of laxatives, bloating, excessive gas, diarrhea, heartburn, weight gain/loss, nausea and vomiting, to name a few, are symptoms they are tired of living with.

Through education on how the digestive system works, food sensitivities and discussion about how a healthy digestive system works, clients are often shocked and amazed at their results.  Colon hydrotherapy and education is a simple fix for so many of my clients.  Often they tell me “No one has ever told me this! Why isn’t this taught in our schools?  How come doctors don’t refer people? Why don’t doctors know this or say anything? This makes so much sense!”

The health of our bodies depends on the health of our gut and without a healthy digestive system your body will eventually become sick and off to the doctor you will go, only to find you have a much more serious disease.  We all must keep our bodies strong so that our immune system can do its job. Colon hydrotherapy is without a doubt, a very effective treatment that can help you with that.

May your system be happy, healthy and efficient!