Immune System

The immune system is a collection of reactions and responses that protect the body from infection, inflammation and viruses caused by bacteria and parasites. Research shows that the most dominant factor in determining immune system health is digestive health.


Up to 70% of the body’s immune system resides in the vast network of digestive tissue known as the gut. The gut includes the whole digestive tract from mouth to colon and is often referred to as the “root of health and disease.” When the colon becomes sluggish and backlogged, the whole body is affected.

How does constipation affect my immune system?

A sluggish colon causes constipation, which weakens the immune system by increasing the body’s toxic load. Since constipation lets waste moves much slower through the colon, harmful bacteria have more time to ferment and putrefy and then are re-introduced to the body through the colon wall.

If you suffer from one or all of these constipation conditions, your immune system may be struggling:

  1. Incomplete emptying – some waste remains in the colon resulting in smaller releases.
  2. Rare bowel movements – allowing time for waste to putrefy in the colon.
  3. No bowel movement at all – this can continue for days or weeks and will result in toxic material being reabsorbed into the bloodstream. This strains the immune system and can result in fatigue, mood swings, mental fogginess and other signs of deteriorating health.

Every part of health is affected by the immune system. By cleansing the colon with hydrotherapy you are eliminating a major source of toxicity for your body.

How does the immune system work?

From birth the immune system works to protect you. This ready-made protection comes from:

  • Skin acting as a barrier around the body
  • Intestinal lining producing mucus to trap invading bacteria
  • Stomach acid that kills bacteria and fungus that has been ingested
  • Friendly bacteria in the colon that prevents other bad bacteria from taking over, and
  • White blood cells that search out and kill bacteria and other infectious organisms

When it becomes overloaded, your body begins to feel tired, you get sick more often and the chance for disease increases. From now on when you think about your colon, think of your immune system and the vital role it plays in your health.

If constipation is becoming a regular part of your life, it’s time to take action. Call me at (780) 906-2316 to take back control of your health.

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