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A lot of the hype in the media about getting ready for summer focuses solely on weight loss. But any health expert knows weight loss is a side effect of a healthy lifestyle. It shouldn’t be your only goal.

what are your goals?

Some clients do come to me wanting a fresh start to help them lose weight.  After all, colon hydrotherapy can directly and indirectly aid with weight loss by eliminating built-up waste and improving digestion. But this treatment does more than just aid weight loss, and sessions with me include much more than just the treatments.

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about what we should be putting into our bodies through my experience and education.

Many of my clients take my words to heart and start eating clean and find they feel much better. Sometimes they feel so healthy after a few treatments they find it easy to stay on track with nutritious foods.

One of my clients, Lee T. (age 52), has gone through these exact changes just recently. She answered a few questions to share her story with you.

What made you decided to come to Melanie for colon hydrotherapy?

Melanie has the best website out there, and the minute I called and talked to her on the phone I knew right away I made the right decision.

After a few treatments with Melanie and lots of great advice, I learned practical nutrition information and healthy habits to incorporate into my daily life. She taught me about the importance of smoothies, which foods to avoid mixing at mealtimes and tips to make travelling and changing my lifestyle easier!

What changes did you implement into your lifestyle?

I’m eating less and eating differently! Focusing more on fruit and veggies and limiting starchy foods. I’m finally on the road to getting healthier and have even started exercising!Since implementing her advice I feel lighter, less bloated and the tightness and knots in my back have vanished by 90%. I feel like a million bucks!

What would you recommend to others who want to change their health like you have?

If you need a kick-start for your health and diet, call Melanie today. She is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable in her field. She has compassion, kindness, and a great sense of humour and I can tell she loves what she does!

You will be convinced how beneficial these sessions are.  With what you see, how you feel, and what you learn from Melanie, you will agree that changes need to be made with your diet, health and lifestyle if you want a body that is healthier, flexible, energetic, and slimmer.

I truly believe internal health leads to excellent external health.

Lee became the hero in her own life and took control of her health. This summer is one she’ll never forget!

When you visit me at Healthworks, it’s not just a colonic you’re getting but also a well-rounded education on nutrition and cleansing your system.

To prepare for summer the right way, give me a call to book an appointment.

Just call Melanie at (780) 906-2316

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