Good Morning…. You Old Smoothie!!!

I get asked time and time again, “What are you drinking?” Then I have to go into what goes into my morning smoothie, which frankly looks like green slop!


It all started years ago when I was first learning about what foods are really good for you. Flax seeds, greens, lemon juice, etc. I tried desperately to implement all these good foods and basically failed. It was just so hard to fit it all in daily. Then I heard about juicing!! Well, again, another failed experiment. I know the juice is packed full of nutrients but the mess and wasted fiber was more than I could stand. About a year ago along came the information on raw foods…yes, I tried… and yes… I failed again. I needed something easy, simple, quick, tasty and good for me all at the same time! That’s when I changed my protein drinks and fruit smoothies into… “My Morning Greens, Raw Food Smoothie”!! The combination is really whatever you like… which makes it great! I use my Magic Bullet, which is again, very easy to clean!

In my smoothie goes:

The Greens:

    • 3 lettuce leaves – chopped
    • 1 small cucumber
    • ½ stalk of celery
    • fresh mint or basil
    • ½ green apple

Other items I’ve used are kale, spinach, rhubarb… basically anything fresh, greenish or in season.

The Fibre:
3 Heaping teaspoons of any combination

    • Nutracleanse – found at my clinic or health food stores – has flax seeds, psyllium husks and much more!
    • Hemp seeds
    • Salba seeds
    • Other items – chia seeds, golden flax seeds (ground)

 The Liquid:

    •  ½ cup wholy tea
    • 1 tablespoon chlorophyll
    • 1 freshly squeezed lemon
    • A slash of cranberry juice or other types of juice

The Sweetener:

    • ½ pack of stevia
    • honey

I whip this all up and sip at it for most of the morning. It keeps me feeling full and very regular!!

I hope you enjoy inventing your own smoothie! Cheers!

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