Post Surgery Constipation

As we all know, the medications that you take after any surgery are very constipating. Not only are you suffering from the pain of surgery, but your bowels are full and the gas pain is unbearable. Taking stool softeners and drinking more water is not a quick fix and waiting it out is excruciating!


Having colon hydrotherapy before surgery gives you the knowledge that your colon is clean and that you should be fine for a couple of days post surgery if you’re eating light. Once you begin eating normally again, the problems start to occur. You still need the painkillers, but you can’t eliminate and the gas builds up. Having colon hydrotherapy is a quick fix! It instantly removes the fecal matter and gas and you leave pain free. I can’t recommend this enough; you will heal much faster if your bowels are not full of toxic waste making you feel much worse than need be.

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