Donna’s Story

No one can explain the benefits of colon hydrotherapy better than the clients who have improved their lives with this treatment.


Donna T. is a client of mine who has gone through tremendous changes. This is her story:

“Before starting colon hydrotherapy, I was always sick with a cold or flu. I suffered from depression for years and had no energy. Overall, I was just miserable, in pain and not enjoying life. I sought different kinds of treatments to get better, hoping each new treatment would be the one to save me and be the one.

I spent lots of money and time going from one appointment to the next over the years. I have had two low back x-rays over the last 3 years, and in the summary of those results there has been the comment that I had fecal retention in my colon. That should have given me a clue that there was a problem, but no one even suggested colon hydrotherapy and healthy eating as a solution. I was also thinking that Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) treatments would be my last resort … then a massage therapist suggested colon hydrotherapy to me, and the journey began.

I am 50-years-old, and I have been through 9 sessions of colon hydrotherapy with Melanie at Healthworks in Sherwood Park. Melanie is very kind and gentle and I feel very comfortable with her.

During our sessions, she enlightened me to the benefits of making some changes to my diet. After a few sessions, I started to see positive changes from my body on the inside and outside. This motivated me to keep going with the treatments and keep up with the changes to my diet.

After my nine treatments, I have noticed:

  • Blurry vision is gone
  • Facial acne has cleared up
  • No more build-up of mucous in the morning
  • Asthma is gone
  • The eczema on my hands has cleared
  • I have been able to cut the amount of medications I take in half
  • No more gassy and bloated stomach
  • No more lower back pain
  • And no more stomach aches

My health has continued to improve with each visit:

  • My bowel movements are now regular
  • Hair is now soft and silky
  • I can handle stress much better
  • I have clear white eyes now rather than ugly bloodshot eyes
  • I have a lot more energy
  • I have noticed that my body heals cuts and injuries much faster
  • I sleep well now
  • And I haven’t been sick with a cold or flu since starting the therapy

After all of this, I want to say that I am very grateful to Melanie for giving me my life back and for making me feel 100% better! And I am no longer suffering from depression!

I am very happy to have a healthy body!”

Donna T.

Donna did go back for another x-ray on her colon and it is clear now; no more fecal build-up. It took a few treatments, but in the end we saw massive amounts of old, black fecal matter come out. After that, her lower back pain was gone and her improvements just kept coming.

It was delightful to get to know Donna. Her determination to improve her health inspires me to continue helping others.

Though many people do not envy my job, I do have to say I think I am so fortunate to be helping people detox their system. This simple and effective method allows the body to heal itself and I am grateful to be part of each person’s experience.

For appointments, please call Melanie at (780) 906-2316.

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