Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang (pronounced chee nate song) was developed by Chinese Taoist monks thousands of years ago. This abdominal massage technique helped the monks work on their own body’s energy flow, known as Chi, so they could heal from within. It also aids detoxification and strengthens the organs.

Abdominal Massage

Chi is a term for universal energy. It applies to energy inside the body as well as everything around us. With gentle manipulation of the organs, the Chi energy flow increases so the body can heal and function optimally.

Who would benefit from a Chi Nei Tsang treatment?

This therapy is for individuals with the following symptoms:

  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Constipation or indigestion
  • Mysterious abdominal or pelvic pain
  • Anxiety attacks, or
  • Colon blockage or build-up

How does it work?

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) massage is performed on the belly (below the ribcage and above the pubic bone). CNT can treat most of the internal organs, like the lever, gallbladder and small intestines. I’ve use this technique on the three parts of the colon: ascending, transverse and descending.

How will it feel?

When I perform CNT, I have the client lie quietly. They are dressed and blankets are added for extra warmth and privacy.  I close my eyes and let my hands work while I focus on their large intestine and prompting it to relax and release.

Often clients feel a deep sense of relaxation or “coming home to yourself.” The relaxation allows the client to go within and become aware of themselves, aware of the feelings and sensations within the body.

Will it help me release build-up in my colon?

Of course! When a client has the massage prior to hydrotherapy, the colonic itself is much more effective – especially for first timers.  Often new clients are nervous and apprehensive. This creates tension in the colon making it harder for a good release.

Gentle manipulation of the colon lets this organ relax and begin to release matter that is stuck along the colon walls. The extra relaxation of the colon makes it much more ready to respond to the hydrotherapy.

I definitely recommend having the massage before the colonic. It makes everything easier for me, the client and the colon!

For questions or to book your next appointment, call me at (780) 906-2316.

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