Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas are a mystery to most people. Are they safe? Are they a hoax? Do they provide real health benefits to the body?


I want to make sure that you understand what a coffee enema is and what it does in the body. So let’s begin!

Coffee enemas are known to…

– Assist liver detoxification
– Increase energy levels and mood
– Improve digestion and increase bile flow
– Reduce many types of pain via liver detoxification
– Purify the bloodstream by removing free radicals and toxins
– Help eliminate colon disorders like parasites and candida, and
– Relieve tension and nervousness while boosting mental clarity

What should I expect in the treatment?

At Colon Hydro Healing we use organic coffee that has been lightly boiled and then strained. The first 15-mintues of treatment are dedicated to cleansing the colon, followed by implanting the coffee enema in phases. The client holds each implant for as long as possible and the process is repeated using about 4 cups of coffee over 15 minutes. Afterwards the colon is flushed with water to remove any remaining coffee and loose waste.

How does a coffee enema aid detoxification?

The main purpose of a coffee enema is to remove toxins in the liver and free radicals throughout the bloodstream. When administered rectally, the coffee is absorbed through the colon wall into the hemorrhoidal veins. These are linked to the portal veins that go directly to the liver.

Coffee contains palmitic acid, which stimulates the Glutathione S Transferase (GST) enzyme system in the liver up to 700% above normal levels. GST is responsible for absorbing toxic elements from drugs and pesticides and removing free radicals, which cause cell damage, from the bloodstream.

Free radicals are molecules or cells that have an uneven number of electrons, which makes them unstable. To stabilize themselves, free radicals will try to steal an electron from the nearest molecule or cell. The nearest victim could be DNA, proteins, cellular membranes or any number of other body tissues. The Glutathione in the liver binds to toxins and free radicals. Once captured, they are escorted safely out of the body through the digestive system.

Every 3 minutes all of the body’s blood flows through the liver. Within the 15-minute treatment, the whole bloodstream will have circulated the liver 4-5 times! This means the charge from the coffee to the detoxification system of the liver will filter the blood numerous times.

A simple coffee enema has the power to supercharge the GST detoxification powers by up to 700%! Nothing can achieve significant whole body cleansing like the coffee enema.

For best results, I suggest a four-treatment package performed once a week over a four-week period. Treatments are $115.00 each or $392.00 for a package of four.

To learn more or book your appointment, call me at (780) 906-2316.

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